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All you need to know to send your parcel


Locate the nearest QI Post service point

Locate the nearest QI Post service point in order to drop off your package.


Visit the service point

Visit the service point and drop off your package. The agent will help you with all the steps to complete the registration of your parcel.


Make payment & receive your receipt

Pay for your parcel either by cash or card and receive your receipt. Your "Tracking ID" is accessible from your receipt, be sure to give this code to the receiver of your parcel so they can confirm their authenticity.

An automatic email and SMS will be sent to you.

All you need to know to send your parcel


Standard Shipping
around 20-24 days

Select the delivery option

Select origin and destination countries

Express Shipping
around 8-10 days


Select the package class

Select the package type

Select package size | Select package weight


Enter package details

Enter the package dimensions and weight attentively

  • What is your package weight?
  • What is inside your package?
  • What is your package value?

Enter sender and receiver's information

Provide detailed information about your package


Check service points

Enter the information of the sender and the receiver


Make payment & receive your label and invoice

Pay for your parcel ,get the invoice and wait for us to call


Print your label

Track your parcel with your Tracking ID and get sure it is delivered: Track Shipment

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